Raw alpaca fibre for sale soon



We use the BAS (British Alpaca Society) colour chart to help us decided what colour our alpacas are. We then use the nearest colour to describe the fleece .

We try our best to describe the fleece colours as true as possible however colours will vary as they are a natural product and we find natural variation of colour within the alpacas fleece occurs.


There are differing qualities from one alpaca to another and different qualities across one alpaca. 

We offer:

 BLANKET: This is usually the best part of the alpacas fleece taken from across the back. This is usually the finest and longest fibre on an alpaca. Ideal for spinning. 

NECK: This is usually courser than the blanket however in some animals this can be a similar quality and length to the blanket, therefore it can still be suitable for spinning.

2nds: This is a term used usually for the leg, tummy and neck fibre. This fibre is usually coarser and shorter. Ideal for felting or stuffing.