We are open for alpaca experiences 

Covid-19 Risk Assessment





Staff / Visitors / Public

The alpacas will be haltered by a member of staff.

The alpacas will have minimal physical contact where possible with the staff/visitors/public. However, some physical contact with the alpacas is unavoidable and those taking part in any activity offered by Let's Go Alpacas! / Hedingham Alpacas must accept this to partake.

Where possible staff/visitors/public will either wash their hands or use hand sanitiser before touching the alpacas. Staff/Public/Visitors are asked to bring their own hand sanitiser.

The alpacas themselves are not known to be affected by Covid -19.

Each alpaca can only be walked by one household/bubble at a time. No sharing between households who are not within that bubble should occur.

Close interaction from Let's Go Alpacas! / Hedingham Alpacas staff may be necessary at times during the experience and social distancing will be maintained where possible however some contact may be unavoidable and therefore staff will be wearing PPE when on the alpaca walk.

Alpaca handling equipment

Staff / Visitors / Public

The alpaca halters and leads will be fitted by the Let's Go Alpacas! / Hedingham Alpacas staff.

Lead ropes will be changed between walking groups and disinfected after use.

Public arrival/presence/exit of the site

Staff / Visitors / Public

Visitors/public are not permitted to touch gates, fences, field shelters etc at any time unless in an emergency and have to wait to be let onto the site.

The public/visitors are to wait in their cars until a member of staff comes over to collect them. They are to park with a 2meter gap between the cars.

The public/visitors will be asked to dip their feet in disinfectant on entry (as per usual protocol) and exit.

The staff/public/visitors will be asked to wash their hands with soap and water at our basic hand washing facilities upon entry and exit.

Hand hygiene

Staff/ Visitors / Public

Basic hand washing facilities will be available and advised use on entry and exit.

No hand sanitiser is available on site and therefore staff/visitors/ public are encouraged to bring their own.

General equipment / field environment

Staff/ Visitors / Public

Visitors/public are not permitted to touch gates, fences, field shelters etc unless in an emergency.

When at the field or in the forest any obstacles/ gates/ fences etc that need to be moved which can be done by staff members will be. Contact of surfaces from visitors/public should be kept to a minimum where possible.

Staff accept the risks of touching general equipment and the alpacas and maintain good hand hygiene.

Feeding the alpacas

Staff / Visitors / Public

The alpacas can be fed by the public/visitors using plastic scoops, not their hands to avoid physical contact with the alpacas.

These scoops will be disinfected after use.

50p payment of feeding is required- only correct change accept. This will be dropped directly into a bucket of disinfectant. No transmission from hand to hand from staff and visitor/public will occur.

Social distancing

Staff / Visitors / Public

All activities are performed outside and a distance of 2 meters is advised at all the time.

If required, the distance can be reduced to 1 meter plus however this is only used when it is not possible to keep 2 meters apart. Any reduction of distance from 2 meters will be temporary and kept to a minimum amount of time.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Staff / Visitors / Public

Visitors/ Public are encouraged to bring their own PPE such as face masks and visors.

No hand sanitiser is available on site and therefore staff/visitors/ public are encouraged to bring their own.

The staff will be issued with PPE.

Track and trace

Staff / Visitors / Public

Staff/Visitors/ Public name and contact number will be asked for upon entry for reason of track and trace, the date, arrived and departure times will also be recorded. This is not compulsory however is advised.

Information collected for this will only be kept for 21 days and then destroyed following GDPR.

Symptoms and confirmed Covid-19

Staff / Visitors / Public

Anyone who has symptoms of Covid-19 or has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days are not permitted onsite.

More information on symptoms can be found at www.england.nhs.uk