We are open for alpaca experiences 

Covid-19 Risk Assessment  




Look only for hazards that you could reasonably expect to result in harm under the conditions in your workplace.

e.g. Slips/ Trips, Fire, Electricity, Noise

Staff, Visitors, etc.

List any precautions that are in place. Has there been provided adequate training instruction and information? Does it meet the standards required by Law and any Code of Practice, if so then the risk has been adequately controlled?


Staff / Visitors / Public

The alpacas will be haltered by a member of staff.

The alpacas will have minimal physical contact where possible with the staff/visitors/public. However, some physical contact with the alpacas is unavoidable and those taking part in any activity offered by Let's Go Alpacas! / Hedingham Alpacas must accept this to partake.

Where possible staff/visitors/public will either wash their hands or use hand sanitiser before touching the alpacas. Staff/Public/Visitors are asked to bring their own hand sanitiser.

The alpacas themselves are not known to be affected by Covid -19.

Per organised walk: Each alpaca can only be walked/lead by a rope by one household/bubble at a time. No sharing of that alpaca between households who are not within that bubble should not occur with each organised walk.

Close interaction from Let's Go Alpacas! / Hedingham Alpacas staff may be necessary at times during the experience e.g to administer first aid or to handle the alpacas. Social distancing will be maintained where possible however some contact may be unavoidable in certain circumstances such as emergencies and therefore staff will wear a face covering for these interactions.

Alpaca handling equipment

Staff / Visitors / Public

The alpaca halters and leads will be fitted by the Let's Go Alpacas! / Hedingham Alpacas staff.

Lead ropes will be changed between walking groups and disinfected after use.

Public arrival/presence/exit of the site

Staff / Visitors / Public

Visitors/public are not permitted to touch gates, fences, field shelters etc at any time unless in an emergency and have to wait to be let onto the site.

The public/visitors are to wait in their cars until a member of staff comes over to collect them. They are to park with a 2meter gap between the cars.

The public/visitors will be asked to dip their feet in disinfectant on entry (as per usual protocol) and exit.

The staff/public/visitors will be offered the ability to wash their hands with soap and water at our basic hand washing facilities upon entry and exit.

Hand hygiene

Staff/ Visitors / Public

Basic hand washing facilities will be available.

No hand sanitiser is available on site and therefore staff/visitors/ public are encouraged to bring and use their own.

General equipment / field environment

Staff/ Visitors / Public

Visitors/public are not permitted to touch gates, fences, field shelters etc unless in an emergency.

When at the field or in the forest any obstacles/ gates/ fences etc that need to be moved which can be done by staff members will be. Contact of surfaces from visitors/public should be kept to a minimum where possible.

Staff accept the risks of touching general equipment and the alpacas and maintain good hand hygiene.

Feeding the alpacas

Staff / Visitors / Public

The alpacas can be fed by the public/visitors and the feed will be decanted directly into the customers hand from a staff member using a feed scoop which will not touch the customers hand only the alpaca feed, to reduce possible transition.

50p payment of feeding is required- only correct change accept. This will be dropped directly into a bucket of disinfectant. No transmission from hand to hand from staff and visitor/public will occur.

Social distancing

Staff / Visitors / Public

All activities are performed outside and a distance of 2 meters is advised at all the time between each social group/bubble.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Staff / Visitors / Public

Visitors/ Public are encouraged to bring their own PPE such as face masks and visors if they wish to wear these, but this is not compulsory due to being outdoors.

No hand sanitiser is available on site and therefore staff/visitors/ public are encouraged to bring their own.

Staff will carry a face covering to use in an emergency event or if a distance of less than 2 meters is required.

Track and trace

Staff / Visitors / Public

Staff/Visitors/ Public name and contact number will be asked for upon entry for reason of track and trace, the date, arrived and departure times will also be recorded. This is not compulsory however is advised.

Information collected for this will only be kept for 21 days and then destroyed following GDPR.

Covid - 19 restrictions

Staff / Visitors / Public

If you had been shielding (shielding ended March 31st 2021 in England) or considered in a higher risk group, please consider if you are accepting of the potential risks involved in attending Let's Go Alpacas! / Hedingham alpacas.

A single household/ bubble to only walk with the alpaca for the experience and not swap alpacas with anyone outside of your household/bubble.

No more than 2 adults 2 children to one alpaca.

A total of no more than 30 people including staff/visitors/public in one walk experience session however:

"Events that are able to commence from Step 2 are not subject to a capacity cap on attendees".

"Step 2 social contact rules in England will remain the same as in Step 1 - outdoor gatherings must be limited to groups of six people or two households, with no indoor mixing allowed unless otherwise exempt. This limits people from attending an event in a group of larger than 6 people or 2 households. A 'household' can include a linked support bubble."

https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-organised-events-guidance-for-local-authorities/coronavirus-covid-19-organised-events-guidance-for-local-authorities#roadmap-step-2 [Last accessed 08/04/2021]

Symptoms / positive covid 19 test

Staff / Visitors / Public

If staff/visitors or public have any symptoms of Covid - 19 they will not be allowed to attend the experience and if they attend, they will be turned away immediately with no refund. You should follow government guidelines regards symptoms.

"The most common symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19) are recent onset of a new continuous cough or a high temperature or a loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell (anosmia)." www.gov.uk.

If staff/visitors/ public develop symptoms after booking and before their experience please inform us and we will cancel your booking.

If you have tested positive to Covid -19 or have symptoms and you are within your period of isolation you can not participate in any experience until your 10 full days have passed since your positive test and/or symptoms stating.

www.gov.uk used for guidance